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Local Authorities (More than 200,000 Residents)


Municipality of Petach Tikva


etach Petach Tikva is a city in the central

district, ranked Israel’s 5th largest city,

which is located near main highways.

Since its foundation and until today, the city has

grown anddeveloped, to become a leading city for

housing, education, industry and commerce.

Thanks to long term investments, 21st century

Petach Tikva consists of industry and hi-tech with

inspiring employment and cultural attractions,

enchanting the residents that chose it as the best

home for their family. As a result, new areas in

the city are being built, and the municipality is

enjoying an impressive annual growth rate. The

city currently consists of more than 250,000


Vibrant Nightlife at the Largest Industrial Area

in the Country

Three main industrial zones were established in

Petach Tikva: Ofer Park (Azorim) in Kiryat Arie,

Kiryat Matalon and Segula, hosting dozens of

hi-tech and international IT companies, heavy

industry plants and insurance companies, aswell

as regional courts, malls and shopping centers,

attracting many customers from the surrounding

areas, with high access andmaximal convenience

via a network of buses and train stations in two

central locations along with the light rail, which

will traverse the main Jabotinsky road.

With theencouragementofMayor ItzikBraverman,

Ramat Siv became an attractive entertainment

district, drawing thousands people. To serve

them, the Municipality has built a free car park

with room for hundreds of vehicles.

During the day, thousands of employees enjoy a

wide variety of restaurants which in the evening

become part of the nightlife compound along with

cafes and bars that abound in the area. Thanks

to its unique location, providing easy access to

highways 6, 5 and 40, the city is a central traffic

hub, making it a metropolis and convenient

employment location.

Many bus lines operate citywide, alongside

service taxis and railway stations located near

the industrial areas.

Top Education

Petach Tikva was awarded the National Education

Prize in 2015 as a result of the intensive work by

all the city’s educational staff and teachers. The

authority sees major importance in promoting

and developing the city’s education system

and allocates major resources. In the past three

years, the city’s schools have won the National

Education Prize and other globally known prizes

for excellence in science, rhetorics, sports

and health. Over 50,000 pupils study in the

city’s kindergartens, elementary schools and

secondary schools, enjoying a high education

level in the various programs. The city’s rate of

matriculation qualification and the grades of

Growth and Effectiveness Measures Exams are

among the highest in the country. In recent years,

great emphasis is given to education for children

with special needs, establishing designated

kindergartens and integrating the pupils into

additional educational systems.

A higher education college operates in the city

- Petach Tikva College, operating in cooperation

with the Open University, serving 6,000 students

in various professions.

Environment and a Healthy Lifestyle

Petach Tikva has been committed for many

years to operate as a “healthy city” and is a

member of the Healthy Cities Network in Israel.

A health committee was established for this

purpose, operating on various levels to expand

activities in the field. The municipality promotes

integration of environmental topics into the

education systems, as well as in construction,

industry and water recycling, for which it carries

out programs for environmental education in

kindergartens and schools and special programs

for senior citizens. The city implements green

building processes in its educational institutions,

residential and industrial buildings. The number

of recycling bins was doubled and the recycling

rates considerably increased. Two air monitoring

units operate in the city, daily monitoring the air

and in the future a regional transit station will be

established for waste separation.

Culture, Entertainment and Leisure

Petach Tikva has the most advanced sports,

cultural, entertainment and leisure facilities for

the residents’ welfare. Children, youngsters and

adults will find a wide variety of activities in the

community centers across the city, youth centers,

a zoo, municipal libraries, entertainment at the

shopping centers and Ramat Siv entertainment

district and museums. The Petach Tikva Art

Museum is known in Israeli the contemporary

art sector and is frequently cited in the press

and by the art milieu both in Israel and abroad.

Petach Tikva’s municipal conservatorium is

home to a world renowned orchestra and choir.

The Hall of Culture presents plays from the best

theaters in Israel, shows and children’s plays.

Sport lovers will find dozens of sport arenas in

the city, a wide variety of activities and courses

as well as sport associations for all ages. Petach

Tikva offers varied activities to senior citizens,

studies, courses, lectures, tours and shows, ball

nights and conferences, the retiredmunicipality

manager is promoting an awe-inspiring program

to integrate senior citizens at school’s activities.

The city continues its branding as a vibrant

entertainment center, with a rich nightlife,

pubs, leading culinary centers and clubs. The

municipality intends to continue developing the

industrial zone as a leading employment center

and attractive entertainment district, to renovate

the old city center and change the look of the old

neighborhoods at the city’s south and center.

Esta b l i s h e d


L i n e o f B u s i n ess

Municipal Affairs

1 Haliyah Hashniah St., P.O.B. 1

Petach Tikva 4936001





Itzik Braverman

Mayor *

L e a d i n g E x ecu t i v es

Jakov Maman


The new central station, simulation Credit: HQ Architects

* See Top Executives Profiles - Page 582