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Construction, Development & Infrastructure


Reisdor Development Ltd.


eisdor is a leading real estate develop-

ment company, a flourishing company

with a solid and proven reputation in de-

veloping successful projects in Israel and abroad,

combining residential and commercial uses.

Despite its young age, the company has a number

of significant achievements to its name in the

Israeli real estate, and has built particularly de-

sirable complexes in the towns of Givat Shmuel,

Bnei Brak, Elad and Harish, which have been a

success story since day one.

Underlying the company’s activities is the aspi-

ration to uncompromising excellence, in order

to achieve the most advanced residential and

commercial solutions, at an exceptionally high

standard. This principle is also apparent in the

choice of project locales, the quality of construc-

tion, and the quality of the finished product,

characterizing Reisdor as a company that pays

attention to the smallest details, for the benefit

of its customers.

About the Company

Reisdor is owned by Yaki Reisner, considered to

be one of themost influential and promising real

estate developers in Israel. He started out in 2000

at Z. Landau, where he served as VP Purchasing

and Development for a number of years. In 2005

he established Reisdor, and during its decade of

activities the company has completed four resi-

dential and commercial neighborhoods, unique

complexes that include hundreds of housing

units and thousands of commercial areas, on a

scale of hundreds of millions of shekels.

Reisdor is proud of having a lean management,

enabling it to give caring and dedicated service

to every customer, with the active involvement

of the company’s managers. The company has a

dedicated service department, focusing on an-

swering every enquiry, and seeing the good of

the customer as a supreme value.

Major projects

Marom Shir - Bnei Brak

A housing and commercial neighborhood com-

plex on a scale of NIS 250 million.

The complex includes five residential tower blocks

with 30 units in each, two underground parking

levels on an area of 10,000 m², and a 5,000 m²

commercial floor.

The complex has been constructed to a particu-

larly high standard of finish, and the neighbor-

hood is considered to be the most desirable in

the town. The project was implemented by Z.

Landau construction and Engineering Ltd., and

completed in 2009.

Reisdor Office and Commercial Center - Elad

A prestigious office and commercial center in

downtown Elad, that serves as the shopping

mall of the town. The project contains 6,000 m²

of commercial areas, 3,000 m² of offices on the

upper stories, and 4,000m² of underground park-

ing. The Reisdor Center was sold to Pama Invest-

ments for NIS 70 million.

Song Towers, Givat Shmuel

A prestigious project on a 5 dunam site, in a de-

sirable and central location in the Ramat Hadar

neighborhood of New Givat Shmuel.

The project was planned by Canaan-Shenhav

Architects Ltd. It has three exclusive 20-story

residential tower blocks, with 204 luxury apart-

ments, above a commercial center of 3000 m².

The complex has three underground parking

levels. This is a NIS 450 million project, and its

construction will be completed in August 2016.

Shir Beharish - Harish

Reisdor is currently developing combined com-

mercial and residential complexes in the future

town of Harish, which have become an enormous


Reisdor was one of the first developers to iden-

tify the success, purchasing land for hundreds of

apartments in the developing town.

In addition, the company holds thousands of me-

ters of commercial areas in themain street, which

will become the “Dizengoff” of Harish.

The project is being planned by architects Larry

Sternschein and Benny Anekstein, and imple-

mented by the Ortam Malibu Group.

Esta b l i s h e d


L i n e o f B u s i n ess

Initiating Real Estate Projects

5 Kinneret St., Bnei Brak 5126237





Yaki Reisner